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The Truth: Please Read 

Many of you have heard of Kevin Conley. He is a great musician and inspiration to the musician world, but there is something about him you need to know..

The truth is, Kevin Conley is by far one of my own personal biggest inspirations as well! He doesn't know it (until now probably lol), that he actually inspired me to start my own YouTube page. I remember watching and learning from his YouTube videos before he had any DVDs or HD quality content. He always did, and still continues to break stuff down so simple that anyone can learn. Years ago when my wife was interested in playing the guitar, it was his YouTube channel that inspired her to learn the basics and got her started(Yes, he plays gtr too!). Kevin, I just want you to know that I appreciate you, your gift, and the content you provide for us to help make us better and grow musically. Stay humble, keep doing what you're doing, and watch God continue to bless! For everyone else, if you're a musician and you've never heard of Kevin Conley, you need to Google him immediately!! Like right now! lol

Carlton "C-Dub" Whitfield

It's all about perspective.. 

Here's something not many people know about me. A lot of people ask me how I was able to become a full time producer/musician. Well, I did something that a lot of people wouldn't. I would do full tracks for people for only $250, and let them keep ALL of the rights. Yep. All of it. I was so sick of my 9-5 that I was willing to do that if it meant I could leave my job. My ad on Craigslist would end with "You Dream It, I Scheme It, You Own It!" Now of course I felt crazy for doing it, and you know my friends called me crazy too. But while they were charging $1000/per track with absolutely NO clients, people were jumping on my deal like crazy! Within a few months, I acquired over 14 songwriting clients. I would easily make a stack every week, sometimes more because they just kept writing new songs and sending them to me. One guy actually went to the bank and took out a loan because he had 15 songs he wanted me to produce. In no time I replaced the income I was making on my 9-5, and in 2010 I walked off my job as a delivery driver, and haven't worked on a job that wasn't music based since. I know tracks can be potentially worth millions, but I just felt like why not sale a track that I could make in 2 hrs for $250. I mean, some days as a delivery driver, I would deliver $30,000 of medicine in one day, but only got paid $11/hr. NOW THATS WHAT I CALL CRAZY! I guess it's all about perspective. Now today, I don't do tracks cheap like that anymore, but I can definitely say I don't regret it one bit. Even if one of those tracks went platinum today, the money I would miss from it couldn't possibly replace the last 4 years of NOT having to wake up at 3:45am, to get to work by 5am, only to get off at 6pm, just to go home and sleep and do it all over again they next day. I just thought I would tell this story. It might actually help someone. If you're anything like me, then every now and then while you're at work, a thought comes across your mind like "what in the world am I doing here!" If that's you, then you might wanna read this story a couple of times lolol!