The Whoop Triggerz Plus Mobile App

Debuted as the #4 most downloaded music app in the Apple App Store!!

It's finally here! The first mobile app designed to enable anyone the ability to back up a preacher during the sermon! This app is packed with tons of features that enables the user to flow with not only the preaching moment, but many other important musical moments that take place during worship.


-Back up the preacher in any key without having any advanced musical knowledge.

-Play behind a singer without any musical knowledge! Just tap the blue button when you see the "cue words" displayed on the screen!

-Key Detection! Can't figure out what key the preacher is preaching in? Hold down the key display for about a second, and soon it will find the key for you and highlight it in green!

--Sound like a 7pc band with just the push of ONE button using the revolutionary Easy Play mode! All you have to do is tap the button, and each time, a new chord or band hit will play a realistic sequence that will instantly have you sounding like a pro!

-Be creative and create your own sequence of Whoop chord progressions while playing in Pads view. You can take full control of the moment and easily flow as the atmosphere of the service changes!

-Tons of collections to use giving you the ability to carry an entire service musically from you mobile device!

-The ability to change keys at any given time

-Tap the S button and the congregation will be ready to shout!

-Instantly access multiple levels of shout or worship music! You can change the key and the tempo at any given time!

-Tap the T button and you’ll get endless organ talk music in any key!

-Change keys while preaching and the music never stops!

- Ability to do a full praise and worship set with all the transitions in between!

14 Day free trial, then only 24.99/month!

Available now in the APP STORE and the Google Play Store!!! Just click the links below!

Still want to know more?

Here are some frequently asked questions. 


What is the difference between Whoop Triggerz and Whoop Triggerz Plus?

Whoop Triggerz is a one time purchase of $59.99. It offers 3 great collections of music that you can use to back up the preacher and also music for worship moments, praise breaks and alter call. Whoop Triggerz Plus offers an unlimited amount of collections (currently 18) with music to not only back up a preacher, but also to back up a singer as well. You will also get various styles of music you can use throughout the service such as call to worship music, congregational songs, ccm music, quartet gospel music and much much more. WT+ is updated monthly with new content, and this is all for a low subscription price of only $24.99/mo.

Is the app available for Android devices? 

Is the app available for the iPad? 
Yes! Absolutely!! This app works with your iPad, iPhone, and iPod with iOS 11 or higher! Also works great with android phones and tablets as well!

I bought Whoop Triggerz when it first came out for PC and Mac with using the Kontakt 5 Player. Can I get the app for free or at a discount? 
No. The Whoop Triggerz mobile app is a totally new product that is separate from Whoop Triggerz Ultimate. The app is priced at an incredibly affordable price :) 

Are there any tutorials on how to use this app? 
Absolutely! Check this one out! More are on the way! 

Whoop Triggerz Tutorial 

Will this app work in airplane mode? 
Absolutely! Matter of fact, we recommend that you always put your phone in airplane mode during playback! 
You do need an internet connection to download the collections, but once they are downloaded to your phone, they’ll play with or without a connection!

If I buy the app for my phone, do I have to pay again to get it on my ipad?

No, as long as you are signed in under the same apple id on your second device, you can easily download the app to multiple devices without being charged again. This goes for Android also. The only thing you can't do is purchase it for Android and transfer it to an apple device, or vis versa. You cannot transfer across the two different platforms.

 If I have an issue with the app who should I contact? 
If you come across any issues please contact us at We work hard to make sure you are totally happy with our products!