The Loops By C-Dub App

Do you use drum loops at church with your band? This app gives you all of the loops available on the website, bundled into an awesome mobile app! You’ll have access to over 1000 high quality drum loops, catered to all of the most popular gospel songs, right at your fingertips! Drum loops help your band sound more full, in sync, and give a new level of professionalism. If you’re looking to take your music ministry to the next level, this app is THE MOST inexpensive way to do so! 



For only $19.99/mo, here’s what you get with this app:
-Full Access to the ENTIRE library of drum loops directly on your mobile device. Yes. Everything! (over 1000+)

-Download Loops to your mobile device and have access to them even without an internet connection

-Lightning fast download speed

-Adjust Tempo of loops to fit your needs!

-Red light/Green light Loop Fade and Dim buttons for enhanced worship flow

-Multiple search options to find the loops you need fast! Search by title, date, bpm, and artist.

-Playlist feature that allows you to prepare your loops for service with ease

-Full Access to video tutorials on Piano, Organ, Software and more!

Available for IOS & Android right now in the App Store/Play Store!
Download the app for free and try it out with the free loops provided in the “My Loops” section of the app!

Download the app here!
Still want to know more? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Is the app available for Android devices?
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Is the app available for the iPad?
Yes! Absolutely!!

If I download the app on my phone, can I put it on my iPad also without it charging me twice? 
Yes! :) Just use the “Restore Previous Purchase” button on the Subscribe page within the app.

Are the loops $19.99/mo for each one? I noticed there is a subscribe button on each loop.
Absolutely not! That would just be wrong lol. The $19.99/mo gives you access to EVERY SINGLE LOOP & TUTORIAL! 
Yes, I know you’re probably jumping in your seat right now!

I bought a lot of loops from the site, can I use those in the app?
Yes, when you subscribe, you’ll gain access to every loop you’ve ever purchased from the website, every loop you didn’t purchase, and every loop that will ever be added! Now lift those hands and tell Him thank Ya!

If I subscribe and download loops to my phone, will the loops stay on my phone if i cancel my subscription?
Really??? No but serious, if that were the case, (and I know YOU wouldn’t do this), people would subscribe, then download every loop, and then immediately unsubscribe. So for that reason alone, if you unsubscribe, all of the loops get wiped from your phone. But if you stay subscribe, you continue to have access to EVERYTHING! :)

Will the loops still play if my phone is in Airplane mode?
Absolutely! Matter of fact, we recommend that you always put your phone in airplane mode during playback!
You do need an internet connection to download the loops, but once they are downloaded to your phone, they’ll play with or without a connection!

If a loop is not on the app, can I order a custom loop to be added to it?
Yes you can, just click this this link——>

Can you add bass and keys to the loops in your app as an option.
We do not do stems (that's what thats called). This app is all about loops. There are some great companies though that offer
high quality stems. Gospel Multitracks, Songflo, Fruition Music…..just to name a few!

I have a few loops that you made for me that aren’t on the app. Can you add those please?
Absolutely! Just email us at, let us know what loop it is, and we’ll add it!