Need a song for the invitation moment of the service? Check out "Come To Christ," a Deliverance Trigger by C-DUB!

What are Deliverance TriggerzTM?

A Deliverance Trigger is an Ableton Live Session you can use in church that has every instrument separated (stems) for you to mix and playback during the alter call moment. Using Ableton live enables you to change sections on the fly with just the push of a button, so you're not bound to an unchangeable format in the song.

When purchasing the "Come To Christ"  Ableton Live 9 Deliverance Trigger
You'll Receive Instantly:

-An Ableton Live Session with 4 scenes! (What you heard in the video above)

-8 Different Stems ( Piano, Organ, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Aux, Loop & Vocals)

-You Can Mix It However You Like Depending On What Instruments You Need!

-Comes With The Actual Ableton Session (Just Open And Press Play!)

-Works With Ableton Live 9 or Ableton Live Lite 9!

-Can Be Triggered With Any Laptop Or Midi Controller!

-Easy To Operate!

What You Need:

Ableton Live 9 or Live Lite 9 Software
A Desktop or Laptop Computer 
 Min 4 Gigs of Ram Required