What are Shout Triggerz by C-Dub??
Shout Triggerz are looped shout bump chord progressions, lines, and licks that can be triggered with Ableton Live and used in any church service!
Watch this video to see a demonstration!
Now is the time to take your service to a whole new level!! 
 - 7 Shout Bump Scenes + 1 Outro by C-Dub


- Synced to tempo and can be switched seamlessly with just the push of a button!


- Comes with 7 individual instruments! 

(Shout Loop, Drums, Bass, Keys, Brass, Gtr, and Organ)


- You can mix it however you like depending on what instruments you need!


- Comes with the actual Ableton Session (Just Open and Press Play!)


-  Ableton Trigger works with Ableton Live 9 Or the Live "Lite" Version!


- Can be triggered with a laptop, or any midi controller! 


-Super Easy To Operate!